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Welcome to PokeXplore's rules page!
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Punishments for violating rules vary:
Chat violations typically result in a temporary mute.
Repeated or extreme violations could result in a mute, tempban, or ban depending on severity.

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PokeXplore Server Rules:
1. No raiding, stealing, or scamming
This rule applies even to chests and bases that were mistakenly left unclaimed.
Take screenshots of any agreements you make. If the other player scams you, submit a report to staff.
2. No selling/trading in-game items or Pokemon for any type of real life currency (PayPal, gift cards, etc.)
Selling/trading between players may only be done using in game properties.
3. No antagonizing or engaging in mean-spirited play
If you're only doing something to inconvenience another player, it's probably against the rules.
For example don't intentionally trap or kill other players, don't place claims around other peoples' claims for no reason, etc.
4. Don't use hacks or exploits to gain unfair advantages
If you become aware of an exploit (such as a "dupe glitch"), alert Staff right away with the Bug Report form.
Don't repeat the exploit to "test" it, that could be mistaken for abusing the exploit.
Chat Rules:

1. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of bigotry.

Everyone has a right to feel welcomed and safe on the server.

2. Do not organize, participate in, or encourage harassment of others.

3. No advertising other servers

4. English only in main chat
Please keep other languages to PMs.

5. Don't spam chat
This can include repeated messages or excessive CAPS.

6. Swearing is allowed in moderation
Never swear at or about another player disrespectfully.
Don't be immature with swears, filling chat with swears immaturely will result in a mute.

7. No sexually explicit or otherwise uncomfortable topics
Common sense should be used when deciding what topics fall into these categories.

Some examples include fetish content, detailed descriptions of gore or violence, and unwanted or over-the-top flirting.

Allowed Mods

Only mods on this list are allowed on PokeXplore. Using other mods could be considered an unfair advantage. If you think a mod should be added to this list, make a suggestion using the Suggestion form, or in the #suggestions channel on Discord.

  • Cobblemon
  • Minimaps
  • Performance Enhancing Mods
  • Graphics Improving Mods (particle enhancements, shaders)
  • All other mods featured in the PokeXplore Modpack

NOT allowed:

  • Hacked clients
  • Radars
  • X-ray